CEO & Programme Director (Co-creator The IFEAL Method)sun-tui

Sun Tui is a Taoist name and literally translates as The Art of Living; It is one thing to study Life but another to Live Life with Mastery.

IFEAL was established as a centre of excellence by Sun Tui following her extensive training with Linda Kohanov and Kathleen Barry and in response to her desire to see Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy training delivered professionally with regard to both people and horses. Sun Tui is the only Advanced Epona Instructor in England; she is a Psychosynthesis Counsellor, Bereavement Counsellor and has studied with the NFSH Healing Trust. Other qualifications include NLP, Time Line, Hypnosis and Entrepreneur and Executive Coaching. Current studies include Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotraumatology and PTSD and preparation for Doctorate proposal in the applications of Equine Facilitated Human Development and Learning. Sun Tui is currently managing a clinical research progrmme under Professor Greenberg of Kings College to evaluate IFEAL methodology to evaluate the Dare to Live Programmes,

At aged 25 Sun Tui realised her competency as a business entrepreneur, winning a young people in business award sponsored by The Princes Youth Trust and Shell. She then went on to specialise as a consultant for business start-ups, implementing management, marketing and accounts systems for a range of small businesses within the building, fashion, restaurant and complementary health sectors. Over the last 20 years other in-depth studies and continued practice and teaching include Fine Art, Tai Chi martial arts, Chi body work, Shamanic and Taoist philosophies.

Sun Tui is a Remedial Equine Healer, Trainer and Instructor. She did her original equestrian training with the British Horse Society, though she incorporates into the work a wide range of natural horsemanship principles derived from her extensive studies both in the UK and overseas. These include continued in depth training with Bruce Logan Foundations and Applied Equine Behaviour.

Sun Tui’s passion for the development of Dare to Live, Live Life and Ignite Change Programmes is as a direct result of her own successful transitional journey through various challenges in her own life.

The death of a child, a subsequent child’s journey through cancer, the sudden loss of both her parents, divorce and living in relationship with family members in recovery from addiction and her own recovery after a near fatal car accident are all part of the rich tapestry of Sun Tui’s life, not unlike the life’s of so many people she meets.

Sun Tui believes it is not the incident itself that causes trauma – it is the inability to express the emotions of the experience. “Stuck emotions leave us blocked and unable to move forward with our lives in a fulfilled and integrated way”.

Dare to Live transform trauma programmes have been developed in order to facilitate individuals to easily find their unique path through the complexities of grief and recovery, with out getting stuck in the story of the past or lost in pain they are experiencing.

Sun Tui grew up in the British Military community and served briefly with the TA in Germany whilst married to a serving army officer. She fully understands the difficulties many individuals encounter, whilst coping with the transitions in and out of civilian life and deployment. Dare to Live programmes for military personnel and their families charts a course for successful Returns, Reunions, and Reintegration.

Sun Tui currently lives in Withyham, East Sussex with her partner Robin Evans, her two daughters aged 27 and aged 16, plus the IFEAL herd, which compromises of various animals including six horses.

Professional Membership Bodies

  • UK Psychological Trauma Society UKPTS
  • The European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies ESTSS
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy ABH
  • Coaching Division & American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming CDABNLP
  • Time Line Therapy Association TLTA
  • EBW Advanced Emotional Intelligence & Business Psychometric Systems Adv EBW EI
  • British Complimentary Medicine Association BCMA
  • Accredited Member National Council for Psychotherapists MNCP (Accred)


  • CEO & Founder IFEAL Qualifications: PEARSON Assured Training in Equine Facilitated Human Development and Learning Levels 6 & 7
  • Founder International Foundation Equine Assisted Learning (IFEAL)
  • Post Graduate Diploma: CBT based Integrative Approach for Treating Complex Trauma and PTSD in Adults and Children (current)
  • PhD in the applications of Equine Facilitated Human Development and Learning (current)
  • EMDR Level 1 & 2
  • Advanced Epona Approach™ Instructor
  • Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Diplomas Human, Animal and Equine Healing
  • 2nd Dan Tai Chi and Martial Arts; I Ching
  • British Horse Society PTT
  • Applied Equine Behaviour Instructor for ground and ridden horsemanship
  • Founder Horse Way Tai Chi
  • NLP, Time Line and Hypnosis Practitioner
  • The Performance Partnership Certified NLP Coach
  • EBW Advanced Emotional Intelligence & Business Psychometric Systems Facilitator
  • Founder of Dare to Live Charity and Programmes:
  • Founder of Inspired Change – Authentic Leadership for Conscious Business and Organisations